Free 3d Model – Krusin Coffee Table

krusin coffee table

Absolutely free 3D models for download

free 3d model krusin coffee table

After uploading the 3D rendering of Krusin Coffee Table to the website, we received many emails asking us to let them download the Krusin Coffee Table 3D model for free.

After consideration, we decided that if our Facebook Page can have more than 250 likes, we will upload the coffee table 3d model free for download.

facebook likes

Today, our Facebook likes have reached 263 likes, so we must keep our promises. We have uploaded the Krusin Coffee Table 3D model to CGTrader another world’s largest source for licensable stock and custom 3D models. You can click the link below to download the model now.

Click the link to download the free table 3d model now!

coffee table 3ds max free download