Shutterstock 100s of colour combination


Whether you are an interior designer or a graphic designer, if you know how important colour is to design, you must try the Shutterstock 100s of colour combination colour wheel, with this colour wheel, you can easily learn how to mix and match hues to bring your projects more life and eye-catching. Shutterstock discovers their 2020 Color Trends, which is Lush Lava (#FF4500), Aqua Menthe (#7FFFD4), and Phantom Blue…

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[TurboSquid] New 3D Model on sale


We have uploaded 3 new high-quality 3d models to TurboSquid, a digital media company that sells stock 3D models, all 3d model’s textures, material and shader are ready-made to be used in 3ds max scene with V-Ray. As a 3d visualization studio, we understand that 3d model is one of the important element in the 3d model scene, a bad 3d model can give a 3d artist a lot…

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3D Perspective vs Completed Project


A lot of consideration needs to be taken into account while designing the 3D perspective. This is to ensure that the outcome will not be much different than the presented work. therefore, we always try to get it as close as it will turn out to be. With the latest technology software, we are using 3d max with Vray and able to achieve at least 80% alike with the…

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3d Interior Rendering


In the past 2 weeks, we have been busy to produce the above 3d interior visualization images for a client to present their creative interior design idea to their respective house owner. We are very happy to collaborate with this interior design firm even though the project are very rush. Because of they are very clear in mind with what they want, so they can provide the colour scheme,…

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3D Architectural Walkthrough – Pagoh Education Hub Proposal Video


This is the very first architectural walkthrough animation video I created when I was working in AJM Interior, a interior design consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is the most challenging project in my 10+ years of design and visualise journey, and the most difficulty problem is the company do not have 3rd party plug-in, like Multiscatter, Forest Pack and etc. which I normally use to speed up…

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