[Awards 1] CGSociety editor’s choice

Tamina Thermal Baths

Why I create this CGSociety Editor’s Choice 3d image?

Tamina Thermal Baths real photo

Back to the year 2013, the first time when I saw this Tamina Thermal Baths’ photo on archdaily website, I have been attracted by the design and atmosphere, so I decided to convert it into 3d rendering. I start collecting all the information as much as I cloud found from internet and download all the photo from archdaily, and then start building the model following the photo in 3ds max.

It took me around 2 to 3 days, a lot of trial and error, adjust the sun angle to get the right shadow and material tweaking, Finally render out the 3d image, put it into Photoshop, after some adjustment, save out the final 3d image as shown below.

CGSociety editor’s choice - Tamina Thermal Baths

I post the completed 3d image to multiple forums for critique and comment, after a few days later, my colleagues came to tell me that my 3D image was selected as an editor’s choice image of CGSociety forum.

Thank you to CGSociety for chosen this image for features: CGSociety.