Free 3d Model – Krusin Coffee Table

krusin coffee table

We have received a ton of email request for Krusin Coffee Table 3d model download link, the reason why we receive a lot of request because of one of our old website broken link, we have reply all the request and we hope they will find the link to download and enjoy using our 3d model in their scene. For all the supporter of this website, we decide to…

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3d Model Smile Chair for free

Smile Chair

We are pleased to report that our website have just recently achieved 400 subscribers. We are happy to giveaway a free 3D model, the smile chair as a thank you gift to all our supporters. Feel free to click the below link to download the 3D model and don’t forget to rate our product if you like it. Download link

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2 Free monthly HDRI maps from Aversis 3D


To make up for the long silence, here are 2 Free full resolution hdri maps for what is left of this month. One hdri has a 10K resolution and was shot on a bright sunny day, next to the river the Schelde in Antwerp, Belgium. The second one features a 4K resolution and was shot inside an old porch. Make sure you download them now before the end of…

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3D Noise Texmap plugin includes an implementation of well-known noise patterns such as Perlin, Simplex and Worley (Voronoi). The plugin contains two texture maps: ProSimplex and ProVoronoi. Both support a large number of fractal options such as fBm, Turbulence, Ridged Multifractal, etc.. With distortion and mapping of all parameters from Size to Fractal Octaves you can get an infinite number of different patterns. This plugin is free and click…

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CGAXIS – Free 3D Models Set 2016

This free set is a collection of 10 high quality 3D models in multiformats* suitable for your favorite software. No registration or entering email address required to download! You can share the link wherever you like or re-upload this pack to your site, blog etc. without any restrictions! Find 70% DISCOUNT CODE inside! *) 3DS Max 2010 Scanline (or higher), 3DS Max 2010 VRay (or higher), 3DS Max 2010…

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