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Do provide us with the following information, it will help us to perform effective analysis and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Project name / location / country
  • CAD drawings – Site/Floor Plan, Elevation, Ceiling Plan and etc.
  • Hand sketches would be very helpful
  • Design and mood reference
  • Proposed view angle(s)
  • Project timing

For walkthrough/animations, please provide us with extra information pertaining to the following

  • Length of animation
  • Output format
  • Output resolution

Quotation and discussion

We will send you a quotation based on the given information, follow up with a call or on-the-spot meeting to establish the project requirements.

Import and Modeling

After you agree and sign the quotation, please send your CAD Drawing with floor plans, 3D models or sketches or other file formats, showing all elevations, interior design ideas, we will import the 3D model or 2D CAD drawing provided by you into 3ds max and model it according to your CAD drawings.

You will need to specify and send the images of your preferred building finish materials colours, design example, furniture, textures, landscape and surroundings photos and Google Earth location coordinates.

The process takes us about 4-7 working days to render and modelling an exterior architectural project depending on the size of the project and 3-5 days interior visualization project. There is an exception for quick or fast delivery which only requires 3 days with additional charges. A full animation project of 3 minutes will take us 8-12 weeks to finish.

We work with Imperial and Metric Units

Camera and Light

As soon as we finish the model import we will send out camera previews for your review and approval. In this stage, we want to confirm if the model is correct and the camera angles match your preference so we can start with the mood and ambience according to the reference images provided by you, so we can achieve the same effect.


After the model, camera position and mood ambience have been confirmed for all images we will start rendering and post-production. This includes adding trees, cars, people and scene assets. After some rounds of comments, we will send you final drafts in a higher resolution so you can check and make some final comments. The final image will be provided to you in 3000px resolution. If you need a higher resolution please let us know right from the beginning.

We understand that every client’s need is varied, please do not hesitate to contact us for customized services. It is our honour to serve you with our very best efforts.

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