SIGERTEXMAPS Free 3ds Max Plugin


SIGERTEXMAPS is 4 free plugins for 3ds max created by Siger Studio You can go to this page to read the article about the SigerNoise plugin. If you click the download link on the page, it will bring you to the old Siger Studio’s website, you can download the older version of SigerNoise which is compatible with 3ds max version from 2013 to 2018. We recommend you click the…

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200 Free 2D Cutout People by Case3D


You can never get enough 2d cutout people for your architectural rendering. Googling 2d cutout people is too time consuming! Spending more than 20 minutes googling images for a specific 2D people can become a breaking point for many 3d artists. Any way to save time in this field is a big advantage. There are a lot of free resources online that have already put in the hard work…

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3d Model Smile Chair for free

Smile Chair

This uniquely designed armchair “Smile Chair” was created by designer Marcello Ziliani When it comes to 3D architecture and interior design, the thing that takes the most time is creating the models themselves. We are happy to give away one of our own made 3D model, Smile Chair, as a free gift for our visitors. This 3D model was created using 3ds max 2014 and Vray 2.4, and it ready…

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Free 3d Model – Krusin Coffee Table

krusin coffee table

Absolutely free 3D models for download After uploading the 3D rendering of Krusin Coffee Table to the website, we received many emails asking us to let them download the Krusin Coffee Table 3D model for free. After consideration, we decided that if our Facebook Page can have more than 250 likes, we will upload the coffee table 3d model free for download. Today, our Facebook likes have reached 263…

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Bertrand Benoit’s free Lut test with Vray

Bertrand Benoit lut quick test

3D artist Bertrand Benoit has shared two of his LUT “TheSpring” and “Karin” for download free, you can find the download the files by going to my YouTube channel, the link is in the video description box. Go to download and give it a try now! What is a LUT? LUT (also known as Lookup Table), holds a set of numbers which are looked up by the software or…

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