200 Free 2D Cutout People by Case3D


You can never get enough 2d cutout people for your architectural rendering.

Googling 2d cutout people is too time consuming!

Spending more than 20 minutes googling images for a specific 2D people can become a breaking point for many 3d artists. Any way to save time in this field is a big advantage. There are a lot of free resources online that have already put in the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Free 2d cutout people, vegetation, vehicles, and more…

Below are some of our favourites websites containing free 2d cutouts, We are always looking for more resources so if there are any that we missed, send us an email or leave a comment.

  • Escalatina – Database for Latin-American architects to populate their renders with local figures
  • Skalgubbrasil – Based on the Swedish website http://skalgubbar.se/ But in a more Brazilian context.
  • skalgubbar – More Swedish context.
  • Mr. Cutout – Database of render people, vegetation, vehicles, objects and more.
  • CadTutor – Free collection of images, trees, people and more.
  • Immediate Entourage – large collection of cutout people.
  • Gobotree – A large and growing library of free images and cutouts.

A surprise from Ronen Bekerman

ronenbekerman.com is a source of learning on all aspects of 3D architectural visualization. In the blog & forums you will find articles & tutorials about 3D modeling & rendering with software such as 3ds max, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, SketchUP, Maxwell Render, Corona Renderer, Photoshop and more.

Ronen Bekerman is hosting & sharing this exciting free 2D cutout people by Case 3D. You can download directly from this link . This pack is pretty cool considering all the cutouts come with a pre-made shadow layer for you, you will save much of time if you use it in your 3d architectural rendering project. See examples below:


Click download for more freebie!