25 Free People PNG Cutouts collection – kaiserbold

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Today we received a very kind reminder from kaiserbold – a studio based in Reutlingen, South Germany. In the email, Mr Bojan (CEO, kaiserbold) has point out that one of our previous post – 200 Free 2D Cutout People by Case3D have broken link which he suspected the link have deleted by the Case3D guys.

After we read the email, we quickly log in our website and check the broken link in the post and deleted it, luckily, that is still a direct link still working in the post, so feel free to go to the post and click the direct download link if you need cut out people for your 3d rendering post production.

We would like to say thank you to Mr Bojan from kaiserbold for the help, and at the same time, we are honor to introduce all the 3d artist who looking for more free 2D Cutout People for their projects, please click this link to visit kaiserbold website for download their 25 Free People PNG Cutouts collection. Also don’t forget to visit this link for more free stuffs.