SigerNoise is a 3D Noise Texmap plugin includes an implementation of well-known noise patterns such as Perlin, Simplex and Worley (Voronoi). The plugin contains two texture maps: ProSimplex and ProVoronoi. Both support a large number of fractal options such as fBm, Turbulence, Ridged Multifractal, etc.. With distortion and mapping of all parameters from Size to Fractal Octaves, you can get an infinite number of different patterns. This plugin is…

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Panorama 360°

360 panorama

Show unit 360° Panorama we have uploaded a panorama 360° video and embed it on our home page, please scroll down to the page bottom section to watch and try use your mouse to interact the scene video with the below option: Method 1: pointing and click your mouse cursor on the video, the video will stop scrolling, now you can scroll the scene left or right by pushing…

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2016 CGarchitect 3D Awards – Call for Entries

  The Architectural 3D Awards were started in 2004 to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of architectural visualization. In such a competitive field it becomes more and more difficult make yourself seen. With the wide visibility of CGarchitect, what better way to use this exposure than to help the artists that make up our community. 2016 marks our 13th annual awards. Past awards have taken place in…

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More 3d images uploaded

3 Storey Link Residences view 2

Today we have uploaded more 3d images and created some new page and gallery, now we have 3 galleries on our website: 3d interior – we will continue upload all our interior 3d rendering works into this gallery. 3d exterior – we will continue upload all our exterior 3d rendering works into this gallery. 3d modeling – we will continue upload all our 3d modeling works into this gallery….

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