Adobe Camera Raw 11.2


The camera raw converter functionality in Adobe Photoshop software provides fast and easy access to the raw image formats produced by many leading professional and mid-range digital cameras. What’s New in 11.2: Enhance Details is introduced in Adobe Camera Raw 11.2. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Enhance Details produces crisp detail, improved color rendering, more accurate renditions of edges, and fewer artifacts. Enhance Details is especially useful for making large…

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What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work?


Below is an article i read from The Huffington Post by Robin Hardman. It worth to take some time to read it, so i post it here to share with others. Here are four words you don’t often hear: “I love my job.” But a few months ago, Working Mother magazine released its annual issue devoted to the “100 Best Companies to Work For.” And sometime next month, the…

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Why Good Employee Leave?


Why Good Employee Leave? A study came up with the surprising finding: If you’re loosing good people, look to their immediate supervisors. More than any other single reason, he is the reason people stay and thrive in organization. And he’s the reason why they quit, talking their knowledge, experience and contacts with them. Often, straight to the competition. “People leave managers not companies” write the authors Marcus Buckinggham and…

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The importance of true high dynamic range in hdr images


Many people don’t seem to realize that there is more to a HDRI map than only a pretty picture. Since you usually have to decide on buying HDRI maps from examining low dynamic range previews, it’s important to know what to look for and how to spot bad quality maps. This article will help you in doing just that, with a strong focus on the dynamic range which is…

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Why is Sketching (Still) Important (To Design)?


Why sketching? What is it? And, why is it important to design? Design as a Process: A conventional approach to understanding design and one that is often cited is from the classic book, Engineering Design Methods by Nigel Cross who subdivides the process as a series of linear, yet distinct activities; Source: Why is Sketching (Still) Important (To Design)?

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