New Service Apartment 3d Walkthrough

3d walkthrough

A short 3d walkthrough video showing a 2 bedroom service apartment unit. We are honored to creating this 2 bedroom service apartment unit 3d perspective still image and 3d walkthrough video. finally it just finished by today, and we wanna share the video with all of you, hoping you will like it. Please click the attached image in this post or click this link: 3d Walkthrough Animation to watch…

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[Awards] V-Ray Certified Professional (VCP)


If you’re a passionate V-Ray user, I recommend you go and get the V-Ray Certified Professional (vcp) certificate. Sporadic Studio announces that Founder, Jackie Teh has participated a Chaos Group VCP exam and has passed the test successfully. Congratulations to Jackie Teh on becoming a V-Ray Certified Professional (VCP)! Find more details as a V-Ray Certified Professional listed on the following link: V-Ray Certified Professionals. and find out who is Chaos Group.

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The importance of true high dynamic range in hdri map


Many people don’t seem to realize that there is more to an HDRI map than only a pretty picture. Since you usually have to decide on buying HDRI maps from examining low dynamic range previews, it’s important to know what to look for and how to spot bad quality maps. This article will help you in doing just that, with a strong focus on the dynamic range which is…

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Why is Sketching Still Important (To Design)?


Why is sketching still important? What is it? And, why is it important to design? Design as a Process: A conventional approach to understanding design and one that is often cited is from the classic book, Engineering Design Methods by Nigel Cross who subdivides the process as a series of linear, yet distinct activities; Source: Why is Sketching (Still) Important (To Design)?

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