[Awards 3] Evermotion editor’s choice

Evermotion editor's choice

We are honoured that this 3D rendering was selected by Evermotion as Editor’s Choice

Evermotion editor's choice
Church of The Light

Church of the Light

The Church of the Light (sometimes called the “Church with Light”) is the main chapel of the Ibaraki Kasugaoka Church, a member church of the United Church of Christ in Japan. This building is one of the most famous designs of Japanese architect Tadao Ando and was built in 1989.

My brain is blank

As always, when I had nothing to do, I thought about finding some photos for 3D rendering exercises, but this time I did not know what to draw and searched aimlessly on the Internet. . .

The light caught my eyes

Suddenly, a photo of indoor natural light caught my attention. The soft light just illuminates the entire space, so I decided to convert it into a three-dimensional image. Fortunately, this Church of The Light can use Google image search to find many photos for reference.

Finished the 3d rendering

It took me about 2 days to model the building and another 2 days to make textures for concrete, floor and furniture. I spent a lot of time on the reflection part of the material and tested it many times. Until the desired result is obtained. In the daily workflow, this situation is impossible, because most projects have tight deadlines, and I can only improve and satisfy myself at this time.

Final touch

Sometimes, when the final product fails to achieve the results I expect, I feel very frustrated. I have two options to solve this problem. The first is to redo everything, and the second is to retouch in Photoshop. Finally, I decided to try Photoshop, and take this opportunity to learn Photoshop. It took about a day and finally got more satisfactory results.


Don’t be afraid to try new things, it can help you save some time.