3D Perspective vs Completed Project

3d drawing vs completed project

A lot of consideration needs to be taken into account while designing the 3D perspective. This is to ensure that the outcome will not be much different than the presented work. therefore, we always try to get it as close as it will turn out to be. With the latest technology software, Sporadic Studio using 3d max with Vray and able to achieve at least 80% alike with the outcome.


3D perspective acquires proper scale and size which will be a reference for accurate dimensional information. Therefore, clients now have a better visual of the plan, any changes could easily be made before the commencement of the project. This may avoid any request of changes that may occur during the construction which will acquire more cost and time.


As the client’s preferences may vary, we have to ensure the 3D perspective will have the lighting effect as close as the real world, which is very challenging yet a crucial situation.

Colour Design

Choosing the right colour is important in creating a ‘feel’ into space. The colour must be able to blend well with the arrangement of the furniture as well as the lighting. All these effects, including the illusion and ‘feel’ have to be depicted in the 3D perspective to help the client get the right picture.