Shutterstock 100s of colour combination


Do you know how important is colour combination?

Whether you are an interior designer, graphic designer or 3d artist, you must try the Shutterstock 100s of colour combination colour wheel, with this colour wheel, you can easily learn how to mix and match hues to bring your projects more life and eye-catching.

100s of colour combination

Shutterstock discovers their 2020 Color Trends, which is Lush Lava (#FF4500), Aqua Menthe (#7FFFD4), and Phantom Blue (#191970) by sorted through their customer downloads and analyzed hundreds of billions of pixel data from all those images. and then mapped each pixel to their closest named hex code and deduced which colours had the greatest growth between last year and this year.

Styles and trends vary over time, but they also differ by country, comment below and tell us what is your favourite colour for 2020.