New 3D Model on sale – TurboSquid

3d model

Haiti Bar Chair is one of the 3d models for sale we uploaded today

3d model

All of our 3d models are ready to go with Vray materials into your scene and the system unit is [mm].

We have uploaded this Haiti Bar Chair high-quality 3d models to TurboSquid, a digital media company that sells stock 3D models.

As a 3d visualization studio, we understand that 3d model is one of the important element in the 3d interior or exterior scene, a bad 3d model can give a 3d artist a lot of problems, we have faced a scene cannot start to render with just a single bad 3d model which we download free from the internet and put it into one of our previous 3d projects, and it took us hour and hour to find out and delete the problem piece of 3d model. Therefore, we start creating our own 3d model’s library after the case.

Today we sell our 3d models with a reasonable and afforded price to help those artists or 3d visualization studio who have to face the same problem as us.