PrimoPDF Error: String Was Not Recognized As A Valid DateTime

I have been using PrimoPDF editor for some time (years), today when I am trying to print a PDF with PrimoPDF editor, it not working and the error message is:

“String was not recognized as a valid DateTime”

I found a couple of sites that suggest it has to do with the Windows date format and recommended to change the date format to [dd-mm-yyyy], I have followed the instruction but cannot eliminate the error, I keep on the searching solution on the internet around an hour with no luck. I uninstalled PrimoPDF and reinstall, still the same. Suddenly something comes in my mind, I decide to give it a try since I cannot find any solution from internet,  and Ta-Dah!! it solved my problem.

The trick is easy, just follow the below step by step to reset your Date and Time, Be aware that this change will affect the displayed format of all dates in almost all applications on your computer.

1) Go to the bottom right and click on the Date and Time

primopdf setting

2) On the pop-up window click change date and time setting..

primopdf setting

3) Click change date and time… button in the Date and Time window

primopdf setting

4) Click the Change calender settings

primopdf setting

5) Now click Reset button in the Customize Format window, and then click OK

primopdf setting


You can get your PrimoPDF editor free copy online by click on PrimoPDF here