Maxscript Scale Populate Crowd Skin


Maxscript scale populate crowd skin has given us a big help on one of our large scale project.

Recently we working on a large size but not to scale project with an architect company from Malaysia. Everything is going smoothly when the client asks us to add human figure into the scene, we decide to use Populate tool which comes with the Autodesk 3ds max software. After we apply it into the scene, we discovered that this populate tool didn’t come with a scale button, all the human figure look too large in our not to scale scene.

Maxscript Scale Populate Crowd Skin

Luckily we found the solution from 3ds max help files, in maxscript type [ pop.realworldscale =1 or any value you want ], and then you have to click [ Simulate ] every time after you run the script, it’s annoying, So we decide to write a simple script to simplify our work with one click.

We have uploaded the maxscript file to scriptspot for free download, If you are interested to try the script, please click this link to download the script: Scale Populate Crowd Skin

If you have any question about the script, please leave your message in the comments box or use the contact form to contact us. We might not be able to answer all the question, but we will try to answer as much as we could.