GeForce GTX 1080 tested by V-Ray

Vladimir Koylazov (Vlado) from Chaos Group shows test results of the latest Geforce 1080 graphics card using latest 3.40 release, the GTX 1080 is about twice as fast as the Titan X. As Vladimir Koylazov (Vlado) noted ” Our very preliminary results show about 25% faster renders compared to a GTX 980 and 3% faster to a Titan X on average (some scenes were actually faster on the Titan X though).”

V-Ray RT GPU CUDA test:

As Vladimir Koylazov (Vlado) noted “this is a bit preliminary testing, but since the GTX Pascal GPUs are similar to Maxwell ones, I don’t expect any major changes. In denoising, the 1080 did even better, outperforming the Titan X with a bigger margin. Having monitor attached to the 1080 decreased the performance with up to 10%.”