Amazing 3D Modeling – Children’s Playground

3d modeling

3D Modeling is one of the important element for 3d architectural visualization.

Sometimes, clients have their own custom design elements for their own construction projects. A 3D model enables the client to get a feel of how things will be laid out and easy to understand a structure in the context of the surrounding space.

In this project, the customer sent two customized images of children’s playgrounds. They wanted to see if these two children’s playgrounds were suitable for their project and then decided whether to order them. In this case, plus this is a 3d walkthrough animation, we must make a 3d model according to the size of the playground, and then put it into the scene to render it so that customers can see the playground in advance.

Below is the two children’s playground 3d model we have done for the project:

3d modeling
Playground Ladybird Set 2
3d modeling
Playground Ladybird Set 1

We like the children’s playground design very much, so we have uploaded the 3d model to TurboSquid and CGTrader if you would like to have a copy of the 3d model, click the below button.