How to change AutoCAD crosshair colour?

autocad crosshair colour

When a friend ask me how to change the AutoCAD crosshair colour, myself also don’t know how to answer. So i have spent few hours to figure it out and make a screen capture video, post it to my personal YouTube channel, I hope the video could give her some help, at the same time i want to share it here, hoping it will help someone who need it…

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AutoCAD double click block editor not working


Over the past few days, I have been working in AutoCAD on a large layout, normally when double click on a block object, the block editor will open and allow us to make change to the selected block, but I could not double-click to edit the selected block this time, what happened? Somehow my PICKFIRST variable changed. The PICKFIRST variable allows you to select objects, then start a command and apply…

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