Panorama 360°

360 panorama

Show unit 360° Panorama


we have uploaded a panorama 360° video and embed it on our home page, please scroll down to the page bottom section to watch and try use your mouse to interact the scene video with the below option:

Method 1: pointing and click your mouse cursor on the video, the video will stop scrolling, now you can scroll the scene left or right by pushing your mouse to left / right, and scroll up and down by pushing your mouse up / down, zoom in and out by scrolling your centre mouse wheel.

Method 2: you can use the embed arrow icon below the video to do the same thing as mention above. you can view in full-screen mode by clicking the square icon if you want.

this video has been tested and works on google chrome browser only, if the video does not work in your browser, please let us know by leaving your words in the below comment section, please provide us with some info like what browser are you using? which function is not working? etc… if you cannot leave your comment, please send me your reason by emailing me using the contact form, thank you.

Finally, hope you are enjoying the video, ciao~

Click here for fullscreen panorama