3D Architectural Walkthrough – Pagoh Education Hub Proposal Video


Pagoh Education Hub, Pagoh, Johor


Pagoh Education Hub is the very first architectural walkthrough animation video I created when I was working in AJM Interior, an interior design consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is the most challenging project in my 10+ years of design and visualises journey, and the most difficult problem is the company do not have 3rd party plug-in, like Multiscatter, Forest Pack and etc. which I normally use to speed up my daily workflow. Instead, I need to learn how to use Particle Flow which is the particle system came with 3ds max, for trees scattering and so on. Today I still remember how stress I was to working alone on this project.

With this article I want to share what I have learned from this project if you are working alone on an animation project like this, I hope this article will give you some help or idea.

The Workflow

  1. Put all 2d files such as the latest AutoCAD file and all reference images into their individual folders properly.
  2. Go through all the files as detail as you can, when you found any question, go to the right person and ask to get the correct and detail answer immediately.
  3. After you have all the information you want, come up with a concept and storyboards to get approval.
  4. After the storyboards are approved, start doing 3d modeling, layering, texturing, lighting, camera angle and rendering. you can also render 2 or 3 images to get mood and lighting approval.
  5. After the rendering is approved, set up your final rendering setting, you either send it to render farm or render it on your local computer.
  6. After final renders are done, brought it into your prefered compositing software for example: After Effects, Final Cut Pro to edit, touch-up, motion graphic and special effects and add on music and voice over.
  7. Here come the most exciting part, editing and final output. Once satisfied, the compiled product is exported as one of the many formats suitable for broadcasting standards and delivered to your boss for presentation use.

The above method might not be suitable to everyone or the marketing video production, but it is the way I use to finish the above project for presentation.

Pros and Con

Because the project is done by one person only, so the cost will be much lower than market price, but it takes a longer time to complete the project.